PE 6SP IP PBX With Universal Connectivity

Type: IP-PBX with Universal Connectivity and Mobile Extensions

Universal Slots: 6

Max. IP Users: 50

Max. TDM Ports: 48

Built-in Ports: 5 IP Users*, AIP, AOP, RS232C & Ethernet

Power Supply: Universal SMPS (100-240V AC, 47-63 Hz)

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The ETERNITY PE 6SP is an IP-PBX with universal connectivity. Therefore, it supports a wide range of networks and has access to a variety of trunks. Furthermore, the PBX supports multiple different interfaces.

For a business with no more than 50 users, the ETERNITY PE 6SP is the perfect PBX that strikes the right balance between affordability, usability, and flexibility. Furthermore, you can configure your drunks to work with analog phones, digital phones, or software phones.

We are the bulk supplier of PE 6SP IP PBX with Universal Connectivity at wholesale prices in North America and the Middle East. TNGITGlobal is a leading business telecom solutions and physical security products supplier company. We are committed to great products and high-quality services.


Key Feature

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call Budget on Trunk
  • Call Back on Trunk
  • Detailed Records of 12,000 Calls
  • Call Forking (IP Extensions)
  • Class of Service
  • Caller-ID based Routing
  • Conference – 6 Party
  • Conference Dial-in
  • Dynamic DNS
  • VOIP calls over GSM/3G
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Mobile Trunks and Extensions
  • NAT and STUN Support
  • Presence and IM Registrar Server
  • Web based Programming
  • Scheduled Backup of Voice Messages/Recordings
  •  LDAP Client
  •  COSEC Integration
  • Auto Sign-in for Soft phones
  • Video Calling
  • Security Dialer
  • Return call to Original caller (RCOC)
  • External Music Port


  • Mobility Extension for Android/iOS based Smartphones
  • IP Phone (SIP)
  • Digital Key Phone (DKP)
  • Operator Console (DSS)
  •  Voicemail System
  • Single Line Telephone (SLT)
  • VOIP Trunk
  • GSM/3G
  • T1/E1 PRI (TE/NT)
  •  Analog CO Line (TWT)


Analog CO Lines 16
VoIP Trunks 16
ISDN BRI Trunks 12
T1/E1 PRI Lines 6
GSM/3G Trunks 8
Analog Extensions 48
Digital Extensions 32
IP Extensions 50
Door Phones 3
Digital Input Port 1
Digital Output Port 3
Analog Input Port 1
Analog Output Port 1
Conference 15
Ethernet Port 1 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Port To Connect VoIP Users and Trunks, Web-based Programming and CDR Reports
Voice Mail System 16 Channels, Mailboxes for individual Users and Email Notification
Voice Messages 16 Modules of 14 seconds each for Auto-attendant, Voice Tones and Voice Help
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
Dimensions 17.28″x2.04″x11.58″
Unit Weight 2.51 kg (5.52lbs)
Installation Wall Mount, Table Top, 19″ Rack
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