ETERNITY MENX16SDC Unified Communication Server

Type: Hardware Platform for Unified Communication Server

Max. Universal Slots:16

Max. IP Trunks: 99 (license-free)

Max. IP Users: 2000


Max. VMS CHNLS: 64

ETERNITY MENX Platform With CPU CARD (1), 48VDC Power Supply Card (1), And 16 Universal HOT-

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The ETERNITY MENX16SDC is the best-in-class unified communications server for business and call center applications. It supports up to 2000 IP users and a maximum of 99 SIP trunks. Moreover, the ETERNITY MENX16SDC functions well with other networks as well as it comes with 64 GSM ports, 128 analog trunks.

For a truly sophisticated, modern, and future-proof unified communications server, the ETERNITY MENX16SDC brings everything to the table.

To take things a step further, the ETERNITY MENX16SDC is compatible with a host of applications that allow for easy video calling, conferencing, instant messaging, tracking, and call record management. Furthermore, to make it easy for you to configure and manger your UC server, it comes with a modern web app.

Efficiently manage, use, and maintain the best-in-class unified communications server with the ETERNITY MENX16SDC.

We are the bulk supplier of ETERNITY MENX16SDC Unified Communication Server at wholesale prices in North America and the Middle East. TNGITGlobal is a leading business telecom solutions and physical security products supplier company. We are committed to great products and high-quality services.


Key Features:


Unified Messaging

Voice/Video Calling

Mobile Client – VARTA ADR100/AMP100



Collaboration Client – VARTA WIN200

App. Integration PMS-CTI-SMS Server



Compatible Server Software SARVAM UCS ENT
VOIP (SIP) Trunks 99
GSM/3G Trunks Up to 64
CO Ports Up to 128
VOIP (VOCODER) Channels Up to 248
ISDN T1/E1 PRI Channels Up to 240 Ch. (8 Ports)
ISDN BRI Channels Up to 64 Ch. (32 Ports)
IP Subscribers Up to 2000
Digital Subscribers Up to 128
Analog Subscribers Up to 512
Voice Mail Channels Up to 64
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 47-60Hz
48VDC +20% to -15%
Redundancy Yes (AC and DC Power Supply and CPU Card)
Hot-Swap Yes (For Expansion Cards)
Installation Wall Mount
Table Top
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