ETERNITY GENX12SAC Unified Communication Server

Type: Hardware Platform for Unified Communication Server OR Universal Media Gateway

Max. Universal Slots 12

Max. IP Trunks: 99 (license-free)

Max. IP Users: 999

Max. VOCODER Channels: 128

Max. VMS Channels: 64

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The ETERNITY GENX12SAC empowers small businesses with a unified communications system that is easy to manage and has an extensive software suite. Moreover, the ETERNITY GENX12SAC supports connectivity over a wide range of networks, both old and new. As a result, through the ETERNITY GENX12SAC, you can support up to 999 UC users, 96 digital telephony users, and 240 analog PSTN users.

To ensure seamless operation during power failures, the ETERNITY GENX12SAC supports both AC and DC power. Finally, to streamline all business communication requirements within your company, the ETERNITY GENX12SAC features the latest telecommunications software, web-based configuration, and low maintenance software and hardware.

You can configure and manage your business telecommunications solution with a small team quite easily with the ETERNITY GENX12SAC.

We are the bulk supplier of ETERNITY GENX12SAC Unified Communication Server at wholesale prices in North America and the Middle East. TNGITGlobal is a leading business telecom solutions and physical security products supplier company. We are committed to great products and high-quality services.



Compatible Server Software SARVAM UCS SME
VOIP (SIP) Trunks 99
GSM/3G Trunks Up to 40
CO Ports Up to 64
VOIP (VOCODER) Channels Up to 128
ISDN T1/E1 PRI Channels Up to 240 Characters (8 Ports)
ISDN BRI Channels Up to 64 Characters (32 Ports)
IP Subscribers Up to 999
Digital Subscribers Up to 96
Analog Subscribers Up to 240
Voice Mail Channels Up to 64
Power Supply 100-240V AC, 47-60Hz, 48V DC, +20% -15%
Redundancy No
Hot-Swap No
Installation 19″ Rack Mount with 16U Enclosure
Wall Mount
Table Top
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