COSEC VYOM For 50 Users

  • User Identification through Mobile or Tablet
  • Works on Android (5.0 or Above)
  • FR Using Separate Mobile Application: COSEC MODE
  • Time-Attendance and Access Control Functionality as per COSEC VYOM Users
  • Bundle of 50 Users for 365 days

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For small businesses and companies, COSEC VYOM provides users with a full-featured 50 user time attendance device. Through the 50 user variant, you can track employee punch-ins, punch-outs and subsequently manage access control through the machine. Furthermore, to reduce operation, infrastructure, and maintenance costs, everything is hosted on the cloud and provided through a cost-effective and customizable web service. Therefore, businesses can get a sophisticated attendance timing and access control system without worrying about the costs associated with setting up such a system.

COSEC VYOM integrates well with existing solutions with any hassles. Therefore, if you have a 50 person workforce, opt-in for COSEC VYOM’s time attendance and access control solution to boost productivity and enhance security.

Moreover, if your company grows, COSEC VYOM grows with you as the infrastructure can support up to 1 million users and 65,000 access points across multiple geographical areas.

We are the bulk supplier of COSEC VYOM For 50 Users at wholesale prices in North America and the Middle East. TNGITGlobal is a leading business telecom solutions and physical security products supplier company. We are committed to great products and high-quality services.




COSEC VYOM is an emerging next generation technology solution for complex organizations having multiple locations spread across geographic regions operating in different time zones.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

On-demand Scalability in Sync with Organization Size

One Million Users and 65,000 Doors


Managers/Supervisors/Employees can leverage the benefits of Time-Attendance and Access Control solution with any internet enabled device(s) such as PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones, from anywhere.

Tablets and Smartphones, from anywhere

Easy Access through any Internet enabled Device

Real-time Events and Updates


COSEC VYOM provides flexibility in terms of different wired and wireless connectivity options to satisfy Time-Attendance and Access Control policies of real-world enterprises.

Unlimited Attendance and Leave Policies

Multiple Credentials including Mobile

On-the-Fly Adding Applications


With no initial investment, COSEC VYOM promises achieving more with minimum resources. COSEC VYOM reduces cost of assets needed in the form of hardware, software and network devices.

No Capex, Maintenance and Upgrades for IT

Pay as per User Days

Free Remote Support

Easy Integration

It provides flexibility to export attendance data by seamless integration with third party payroll system. To secure your premises, COSEC VYOM allows easy integration with third party hardware such as Video Surveillance, Turnstile, Boom Barrier, Tripod and more.

Through APIs

Database to Database

Offline Export

Aux-In and Aux-Out

Increased Productivity

COSEC VYOM automates all Time-Attendance and Leave Management process right from recording entries to report generation. COSEC VYOM is a cloud based Time-Attendance solution that offers superlative range of suppleness in attendance policies, integration and report generation.

99.5% Uptime

Reduce IT Workload and Resources

Third Party Integration

Enhanced Security

With advanced access control features, COSEC VYOM provides solution to protect an organization’s(s’) assets and power by controlling users’ entry based on their credential(s).

Multi-Level Data Encryption and Protection

Backup, Archival, Retrieval and Migration

Access Control for Data Centers and Elevators

Ease of Use

COSEC VYOM provides ease of use as it eliminates complexities of maintaining the server or storing the data at your place.

Quick Deployment and Setup

No Software Installation

24 × 7 Support