4 Door Mifare Reader Kit

  • Standalone Architecture with SSL Certified Encryption
  • Combo Includes 1 Management Server, 2 Panels and 4 Readers
  • Up to 25,000 Users and 500,000 Event Storage
  • Either Control In and Out Events or Control Two Separate Doors
  • IP65 Rated Readers Eliminates Server Cost
  • Ethernet, RS-485, USB, Wiegand Out, Aux Input, and Aux Output Port

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  • The 4 Door Mifare Reader Kit has 4 Fingerprint Readers, 1 Management Server, and 2 Panels
  • It has IP65 rated readers
  • Also, it can handle up to 25,000 users
  • Besides, the 4 Door Mifare Reader Kit has 500,000 event storage capacity
  • The 4 Door Mifare Reader Kit has no server cost
  • It has SSL certified encryption
  • You can either control in and out event or control 2 doors separately
  • The 4 Door Mifare Kit has ethernet, USB, AUX input and AUX output port
  • Also, it has Wiegand Out and RS-485

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